Love your shoes.

Along with the acceptance of the journey you choose to take, there may come a time when you find a runner at your side.

This person may be a companion, a friend or a future choice. Either way, this person is walking beside you for a valid reason. They support your beliefs, your dreams, your goals – whatever it may be. Look at it as a sign that someone understands your path and your passion for continuing to push forward in life.

Unconditional love for something is most purest form of emotion out there. If you have an undying love for something, pursue with every ounce of your being. The outcomes may surprise you. If it happens to be a person, than throw everything you have into that relationship. Leaving anything off the table is doing a disservice to yourself and to others. Be the purest human you can possibly be. Being human is something we all share in common and it is the only thing that makes this Earth spin in the way it does. Well, besides gravity of course.

Falling in love with another human is a magical event. Respect the moment and cherish the fact that it was able to happen to you. If you haven’t experienced this feeling yet, do not rush. It is something that is destined for everyone out there at different stages in their lives. Yours will come. For now, fall in love with your journey. It is yours. You will forever know that you, alone, decided where you are taking yourself. As mentioned before, you are in complete control of yourself and you have the power to change your own world.

Love thy self. Love thy journey. It is the most human you can be.

Let’s be human. Let’s walk together.

Love your orange shoes.

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