Dusty Old Shoes

Good Evening WordPress!

It’s 2015. Exactly a year ago, I finished my last post and walked away from the computer. I lived life a little bit, turned 24 and started my first full-time job post college. Things haven’t always been as easy as that though – and that’s okay. Everything that I’m getting out of being graduated over a year now is that this entire time period in my life is a learning experience.

Have you ever felt yourself grow? It’s an unbelievable experience when you actually feel it happening. Now I don’t mean grow as in tall or what have you, but grow on the inside. Your first year out of college is a time where you’re actually finding you. You learn about what you can and cannot take physically and mentally. You learn about the relationships you hold dear and the ones that you need to let go. People come into your life – sometimes as a lesson – and it’s always for the better. Remember, learning experience. I’ve felt myself grow emotionally as well as mentally. I learned that am not a person who can say “yes” to everything because I have boundaries. I’ve learned that sometimes I am all that I have to rely on when times get tough. I learned that you really only need a few people in your life to be truly happy. It’s less drama anyway.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to drive through the area where my high school is located and look around. So many houses that I used to know the teenagers/children of are now empty or gone. I think of countless bus rides taken around that town and the various people who would live where. Nowadays, those people are scattered across the country, living and learning, moms and dads, executives and professionals, married and alone – starting life. It seems like something so simple but the teachers meant what they said when they mentioned that HS graduation was the last time all of these people would be together in the same area. Life moves incredibly fast.

My orange shoes are still with me. They sit under my bed with the green ones because they simply aren’t “work appropriate”. Those orange shoes are representative of who I am as an individual though – still. Quirky, unique, bold and ready. Always at the ready. Ready for whatever is ahead of me and ready to learn from what is behind. What are you ready for? Could it be a job change, a life change or love? Whatever it is, run full force into it with your entire heart. After all, we live just one time and the clock ticks forever. Why not run the marathon while you’re still able to do it?

Here’s to the next chapter.

My shoes are ready. Are yours?

Walking Blind

This post is an update from the last one. With the ending of any chapter, comes the start of a new one. With that, comes change. 

This is where you find people who walk like you to support you. Yes, walk alone by all means when you need to but there are other times when supportive walkers are necessary. For me, it’s in the job hunt. Being a recent college graduate, employment is extremely hard to come by. I find myself feeling off at times because I tend to let the “no’s” try to affect me. It takes a little time to earn that thicker skin but I think I’m getting it now. However, this is a time in my life where the people around me mean the most because I’m not at the top of my game. Or at least not as close to the top as I was a few months ago when I was finishing college.

You learn about the relationships you hold with others by having them tested. The more they’re tested, the more you grow within that relationship. I grow closer to the people around me in times of need because they show their true colors. A smile from a friend means more than you probably realize and value. Take a second next time that happens to soak it in.

I’m using this new change in my life as an opportunity to learn more about myself. It is teaching me more about my limits as an individual and what my strengths/weaknesses are. 

So while my walking/running shoes are taking a break at the moment, I’m still planning that next move to get going. I hope you all are too. Keep moving forward! We got this!

Ending a Chapter

Ending anything is never easy. It’s a step in a different direction than you were originally heading. But with the change that many of us do not like, comes opportunity. Opportunity to grow, to move, to update, to renew and to cherish the old. Like all things, change is a natural occurrence in the human life. It helps us move on, keeps us fresh and constantly on our toes so we’re not stuck in the same old routine for a long period of time. Life has funny ways of doing that to you.

Graduating from college is one of those times. After 17-18 years of constant schooling (some longer depending on when you decide you’re finished), one can be burned out and ready for the next chapter of their lives. This chapter presented them with numerous opportunities to flourish in the next chapter, whatever that may be. Some are more inclined and ready for this change than others. Some are more willing to try to accept it than others. However it happens, it’s going to be quite an experience of your life. This can apply to high school or whatever other chapter of your life that has changed you if college wasn’t your thing. It isn’t for everyone.

When you undergo such a large change like closing a chapter of your life, you enter the reflection period. It’s a time where you look around and notice the smaller things in life. That building you frequented all year long suddenly looks slightly more majestic than it did when you started this journey. That tree looks slightly more Instagram worthy now than when you started. Or wait, maybe that’s just me being social media savvy and strange. Whatever the case, you walk a little slower and look around a little more. You notice things that you may not have had the time for before. But suddenly, with a chapter ending soon – you make time.

There’s a sense of nostalgia when you’re getting ready to embark on the next chapter of your life. You reflect on yourself as an individual. You reflect on the places you’ve been, the people you’ve met and all the things you’ve seen. You notice how much you’ve grown and how much all the people around you have grown with you. You see faces that have matured and how time has done its thing. It is a time of transition and a time for you. This is your time. You have made it to this point in your life where you are at yet another crossroads and you choose the best path for you. You may not choose the path most have taken. That’s perfectly fine because it is not meant for everyone. You write your own story and your pages are blank for only you to fill them. In 50 years from now, you will still remember how this moment felt. You will remember how you reacted, how your body performed and how you handled every little thing thrown at you during this period in your life. It is your story to tell. Make it an excellent one.

Cherish the moments that are occurring while you are making this change and embrace yourself for all that you have done to get here. When you feel stressed about change, take a step back and look at all you have overcome. Become your own joy in life and realize that you are here to tell a story. Your story. What will you write?


2014 Toolbox: Hammer & The Shoes are Back!

The Shoes are Back!

So times flies when you’re having fun. It also flies by when you’re crazy busy. HELLO IT’S APRIL. Last time I posted was February and there was snow on the ground outside my window. So hello again everyone, the girl with the orange shoes is back! I wore the orange shoes today and I always get 2 reactions when I wear them. Usually someone says “man, those are cool/holy cow they’re bright” and people who walk by me and turn their heads as I go to look at my feet for a double take. But that’s part of being bright, happy and unique right? Never hurts.

So to catch up on my life real quick before I get back into my advice guide – I graduate college in 43 days. I’m heading into finals. The weather is turning warmer and my major projects are all coming to a head. Perseverance is key here, people!

So today’s tool for your toolbox is a hammer. A hammer here will represent the hard-hitting people that we are and the perseverance to keep going until our goal is achieved or task is completed. You keep trying to hit the nail on the head when it comes to ideas or goals that you are trying to reach. You want to be dead on so you know exactly where things are going. You want to hit hard because if you slack, nothing is going to happen. Your hammer is your ticket to getting things done in a sense. Without it, the nail will never go through and your goals will not find a means to an end. You must drive your hammer into the boundaries and walls that hinder you from going further. So you can not only use it to nail down your ideas but you can use it to break things that stop you as well. It’s quite a versatile instrument if I do say so myself.

So there you go. Your next piece to your kit of life. Your toolbox. Keep checking back for more updates to come. Until then, I must continue my job search as I am entering the “real world” very shortly and will need my own toolbox to navigate the unknown that is the aforementioned. Keep walking in your own colored shoes guys and gals; we’re moving forward.

A Little Love

A Little Love

Just wanted to drop by and wish all my blog followers a very Happy Valentine’s Day this Friday. I hope to be back on to get your next item for your 2014 toolbox by next week.

I’m swamped with college work at the moment so that’s the reason for the delay.
Never fear though, I’ll be back! Til then, much love to you all. Bring out the best in each other until then!

2014 Toolbox: Grease

I mentioned in my last post about possibly doing a toolbox for the new year. I wanted to do this in my college newspaper as an editorial article, but the paper did not quite understand my thoughts for it. So what better way to get the idea out there than on my own blog. So here goes nothing:


You’re first tool in your toolbox is grease. Not quite the messy stuff itself but the figurative idea of it. “Squeaky wheel gets the grease” is quite possibly the best sentence that has ever been said to me. It is the motto that my life is molded by. If you want anything in life to have or to change, you need to open your mouth. Your words are by far your most lethal weapon against anything that comes your way. If you want something to change, say something. If you want to acquire something, say something. People have no idea what your thoughts are or how you feel about something unless you tell them. Basic human interaction. 

I am a Communications major in college. I truly believe in the power of the spoken word. Assertive, inspiring words are the ticket to getting anywhere. Your voice is yours alone and it is something no one can take away from you. The power of speech is an everlasting trait that humans have. It is a special thing that we constantly take for granted. Babies use it for basic survival – you know when they need something by a simple coo or whimper. They have this saying down, so why do we tend to forget such basic instincts when we are older? I’m not saying whimper at your boss; I’m saying speak up for what you believe in or need. You were given a voice on this Earth to be empowering and have an opinion. Your choices are important. 

You walk on this Earth, in your shoes, with opinions, choices and values all your own. Why not share them with the world? I feel that everyone’s ideas are what makes this world go round. We are the top of the chain with our words and actions. We need to use them for good. Use them for what they are worth. Move the world in a way with our speech and development. It is the power within us that needs to come out in a few short breaths to change the course of action. 

We are humans. We talk. We listen. We breathe.

We are communicators. 

Go get your grease!

Getting Your New Blog Off on the Right Foot: Thinking Content

The Daily Post

It’s the second day of the year. Time to roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, dive head-first, grab life by the horns, and use up all known clichés about fresh new starts.

With that out of the way, it’s also time to blog. Yesterday, Michelle started you off with some tips on making your blog personalized, inviting, and easy to navigate. Today, it’s time to think about the content itself — let’s walk through the basic building blocks you’ll need to make sure your readers have something to chew on when they come for a visit.

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Snow Shoes

Or should I say snow boots?

Either way, it snowed a good 6-8 inches here overnight and we are experiencing bitter cold temperatures. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm inside their homes and cuddling up to those that we love most. Mine happens to be a blonde, furry pup! My snow shoes are sitting by the fire drying out after being out in frigid temperatures all day. 

Snow is so pretty to look at. It really allows the world to show off. It’s as if the world sheds all the leaves and makes everything empty to be able to hold this glorious phenomenon on it’s branches. I feel like we do this as humans as well. Every new year, we shed our old skin and prepare for a fresh start and the new opportunities that come along with it. A new year means new beginnings and a clean slate from things past. We make resolutions to have goals to work towards even though we may not always reach them. A goal is a wonderful thing regardless. So whether your goal is to run more this year or to love more, know it is just as important because it is yours. 

Let’s build a toolbox this 2014 of things that we can do better for ourselves. Little tricks and tips that we can pull from in down times and dark times. I think that’s the journey we will take this new year. I hope to build one myself because I make the biggest leap of my young life this year. Graduation from college and entering the working “real world” is my 2014. I am the first in my entire family to do this and all on my own. It’ll be quite the journey and I’ll be happy to take you all along with me. We’ll build our toolbox together. It’ll be beautiful. Like snow.

Happy 2014 everyone!

Christmas Shoes

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone who has read posts on this young blog a very happy holiday season! I hope you take the time to appreciate what you have and who you have it with. Love is the most important thing on this planet and relationships keep the world spinning. It isn’t about the pretty packages under the tree or the long lines at the checkout counter (although my retail job proved differently this weekend -_-) but it’s the love that is in the room when everyone gets together to share the moments that make life worth living. The soft glow of lights on smiling faces, children playing in the room, adults laughing and reminiscing of times past and traditions made anew as the season rolls into full swing.

So, enjoy this special time of year that comes only once. Stop to take in the smells, sounds and sights of the season. Breathe in the memories and breathe out the stress. This is the best time of year to be you. Right now. Here.

And I wish you all a very happy 2014 and enjoy your Christmas shoes.

And always discover something new. My puppy, for instance, is discovering Christmas.


Angry Running

Anger is the sort of thing that can take you by surprise. It can change your course so quickly that you never even knew you took a hit.

It could be something as simple as someone saying the wrong thing to you or how you took something someone did. Either way, something made you feel the way that you do. It is completely natural to be angry and to feel anger. It makes you run harder, go faster and jump higher. If you turn your aggression into something spectacular, it could really benefit you. Of course, things could go south when you’re angry as well.

Anger can turn into a deep passion for something. When you just want to beat the problem at its core, you hit the ground running and try harder. It also causes you to look at life from a different angle.

There are more people like me out there who over-analyze. We are a cult of the intelligent and the deep. We look into certain things more than others. Our brains function differently than those who can cast things off their shoulders like it’s nothing. It is a burden to carry and a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, the plain, given answer is not the solution and we have to dig deeper. Digging so deep allows us to truly understand what it is that we are after and sometimes drives us nuts at the same time. But, we are able to whole-heartedly solve the problem at its deepest levels. The job will get done and to the fullest extent.

The ability to let go is a task in and of itself. It is something not easily learned nor given through genetics. It is a life skill that is the biggest of blessings when it is controlled within a human being. It may come easy for some but not for others.

Bottom line: When life makes you angry – RUN – and RUN HARD.



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